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The ‘RA-TA-TA…’ Sports Recreation Centre d.o.o. and the FENIX Shooting Association are located at Ulica heroja Šaranovica 36, Maribor. The centre offers various fun games at one of the most modern civilian firing ranges in this part of Europe.

For groups

We offer various packages of services and activities:

All of which are based on socialising and relaxing.

Packages are suitable and recommended for:

  • team building,
  • active birthday parties,
  • children’s parties,
  • groups,
  • school sports days,
  • stag or hen parties,

Healthy fun for everyone.


Is the most modern game. It can be played by up to 11 players, divided into a maximum of six teams.

Each player wears a special jacket equipped with electronic sensors which detect when it has been hit by a laser beam from an opponent, and carries a laser gun with which the player ‘fights’ in the specially-prepared 300 m2 arena. Teams are identified by coloured lights on their jackets and guns. Play takes place in a dark and smoky area where there are various obstacles and hiding places, and lasts for 12 minutes. At the end of the game, each player receives a printout of the results which show each individual’s points, how many times he/she has been ‘shot’, how many opponents he/she ‘shot’, etc.


Is a fun game intended for children as well as adults.

Bumper Ball is a fun game intended for children as well as adults, played using giant inflatable balls.

XXL table football

Is a variation on traditional table football

The main difference is that instead of being played using figurines, it is played by real players. Two teams play, each with a maximum of six players. Each player is ‘tied’ to a stick in part of the court and can move only left or right, therefore players’ movement is restricted.

One of the most frequent misconceptions about the FENIX Shooting Association is that shooting is available exclusively to members and that it is very expensive. The good news is that this isn’t true. Members do have a lot of special offers and privileges, however, membership is not mandatory and we are also open to the general public.

Individuals who have firearm licences or permits for the possession of firearms are able to shoot at the civilian firing range. Those without firearm licences may only shoot under supervision of the manager or authorised employees of the firing range.

On the basis of authorisation from the Ministry for Internal Affairs, we also also carry out training and tests about knowledge of the safe handling of firearms, which is a condition for acquiring a firearms licence.